Over Half of Disabled Jobseekers Find Application Stage Challenging

Up to 85% of disabled people find that their condition has an impact when job-hunting, according to new research from the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI). Furthermore, 56% of respondents said that they first faced barriers as early as the application stage of the recruitment process – and only 3% of those surveyed said that their disability did not impact their job hunt at all.

RIDI, in conjunction with Diversityjobs.co.uk and Evenbreak, surveyed over 300 disabled jobseekers with a variety of physical and non-visible disabilities and long-term conditions. Almost 47% of respondents considered themselves to have a mobility impairment, 10% had a visual impairment, 13% identified as having a learning disability and 23% said they had a mental health condition.

Application stage is barrier to talent

Irrespective of disability, over half of respondents (56%) found the first hurdle