ODP Suspended a further Six Months

Operating department practitioner Victoria Parker has been suspended from the HCPC Register for a further six months following a review of a suspension order.


A panel of the HCPC Conduct and Competence Committee conducted a Substantive Order Review Hearing of Ms Parker’s 12 month suspension from the register imposed on 29 July 2014. She was originally suspended for displaying ‘a wide-ranging lack of basic and fundamental skills’ whilst employed by the Nuffield Hospital, Guildford in 2012.

Panel Chair Gill Madden commented:

“The Panel had nothing before it from the Registrant and in the absence of any information from her had to conclude that the impairment of her fitness to practice remained.”

The Panel decided the most proportionate and appropriate conclusion was to impose a six month suspension on expiry of the current order.

Victoria Parker was neither present nor represented at the hearing.


Source: HCPC