ODP Struck Off following Serious Shortcomings and Failure to Perform Duties

Operating department practitioner David Hesketh has been struck off the HCPC Register on grounds of misconduct following serious shortcomings whilst employed by East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. These included his unavailability to assist with an anaesthetic reversal as required, not completing a consent form for a patient before they underwent anaesthetic, leaving the anaesthetic and/or theatre room in an unacceptable condition on eight different occasions, and being found asleep whilst on duty.


A panel of the HCPC Conduct and Competence Committee heard that problems with Mr Hesketh’s practice were reported in early 2012. Further to disciplinary proceedings commenced by the Trust, a hearing was held on 31 July 2013, resulting in Mr Hesketh’s dismissal.

The Panel further heard that Mr Hesketh had been the subject of previous HCPC fitness to practise proceedings in 2013, and that his registration is currently suspended following a review of an initial period of suspension held in November 2014.

Panel Chair Stephen Fash commented:

“In the judgement of the Panel the matters found proved represented repeated demonstrations of an attitudinal problem on the part of Mr Hesketh who was simply not prepared to perform his duties in an acceptable manner despite his ability to do so. His unavailability in order to assist with anaesthetic reversal and the repeated leaving of the clinical environment in a hazardous condition created a risk of direct and serious harm to patients.”

The Panel decided the most proportionate and appropriate sanction was to strike the name of David Hesketh from the register.

David Hesketh was not present or represented at the hearing.


Source: HCPC