Royal College of Emergency Medicine Launches its STEP Campaign for Wales

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine in Wales today launches its STEP campaign. We are calling for action to address the substantial challenges facing Welsh Emergency Departments (EDs).

Whilst some important progress has been made, performance against the four hour target continues to fail to meet the required standard. Much work remains to be done to provide the safe and quality service which our patients require, and to which we aspire.

To rebuild the Emergency Medicine service the College is calling for four steps to be taken:

STEP 1: Safe and sustainable staffing levels must be achieved
STEP 2: Terms, working conditions and funding must be fair and effective
STEP 3: Exit block and crowding must be tackled
STEP 4: Primary care facilities must be co-located with ED services

Robin Roop, Vice President (Wales) of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, said: