NHS Confederation Calls for an End to Public Health Cuts in the Upcoming Spending Review in Letter to Treasury

NHS Confederation has joined a number of health, care and public service organisations to send a letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer urging for the spending review to bring an end to public health cuts to enable a greater focus on prevention.

NHS Confederation

Rob Webster, Chief Executive, NHS Confederation said:

“There is an unprecedented consensus that we can only address the problems facing the NHS if we invest in the future of our nation’s health by helping people to stay well. Open any report from any director of public health in any part of the country and you can see health inequalities and poor health putting pressure on NHS services and blighting people’s lives.

“From our 2015 challenge to the Five Year Forward View, there is agreement that public health has a vital role to play, alongside care in people’s homes, in hospitals, and in the community. Investment in public health is critical for achieving a sustainable NHS and for addressing inequalities across society.

“We need the upcoming spending review to protect public health budgets, reflecting the Government’s commitment to transform and improve the way care is delivered to patients.”


Source: NHS Confederation