WHO’s Estimates of the Burden of Disease Caused by Foodborne Chemical Toxins

Chemicals prevalent in the food supply can have a significant impact on the global burden of disease, a WHO Task Force shows with new research published in F1000Research.



The World Health Organisation (WHO) Foodborne Disease Burden Epidemiology Reference Group (FERG) Task Forces report their research in a series of papers published in several journals this week.

In a translational research article, which will be peer-reviewed after publication in F1000Research, the FERG Task Force on Chemicals in Food (which involved leading researchers from 18 research affiliations in 8 different countries) calculated illnesses, deaths and ‘disability adjusted life years’ (DALYs) for four chemicals: dioxin, aflatoxin, peanut allergen and cyanide in cassava (a major staple food in the developing world).