Wales Based Medical Device Manufacturer The Magstim Company Ltd to Double Site of Headquarters

The Magstim Company Limited, which manufactures medical devices used in neuroscience, psychiatry and neurology, is set to create nearly 50 new jobs at its Whitland base. The major three-year expansion project will support the company’s growth in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and intra-operative nerve monitoring technology, especially in the USA.

Magstim's purpose-built facility in Whitland, South West Wales

TMS uses magnetic energy to stimulate areas of the brain, without causing pain and while the subject is conscious. Magstim was founded in Wales 25 years ago by the originators of TMS technology. Magstim stimulators are the most widely-used TMS devices in the world, used to research and treat brain disorders.

The Welsh Government is providing a total funding package of