Prof. Colin Garner, Antibiotic Research UK Chief Executive, Comment on O’Neill Report

Professor Colin Garner, chief executive at Antibiotic Research UK, the world’s first charity established to fight antimicrobial resistance through the development of new antibiotics and awareness, welcomes the AMR review by Lord O’Neill but has concerns around the global focus of the report because it might slow down the progress of antibiotic development. He would also have liked to see more encouragement or aid for the Third Sector, and its work to educate the public and help develop new treatments, covered in the report.

Antibiotic Research UK

Professor Garner says of the O’Neill report: ‘I am delighted to read the release, coinciding with the publication of the Final Report from Lord Jim O’Neill’s Review on Antimicrobial Resistance. The team has done a fantastic job in providing a holistic view of the problem, highlighting the global economic and health impact of antibiotic resistance, as well as raising the profile of resistance.

‘However, looking at the problem globally has its drawbacks since monies must be found from many different sources to enact the recommendations, which takes time to do.