GMB Call on the Health Select Committee to Investigate How Managers Have Been Held to Account in Ambulance Patient Response Delays

Board and senior managers cannot be allowed to sweep scandal under the carpet says GMB.


GMB, the union for ambulance staff, commented on the press release issued by SECAMB NHS Trust on 31 May about the departure of the Chief Executive Paul Sutton in the wake of the scandal about patient response delays.

Paul Maloney, GMB regional secretary, said “GMB members and the public will want to know what steps the board of SECAMB has taken to hold executives to account for this terrible affair where the public was put at risk for completely unjustified reasons”.

“GMB members and the public are flabbergasted that such a serious matter has now disappeared into a room of smoke and mirrors”.

“GMB consider that there should be an inquiry by the House of Commons Health Select Committee into how the board and the regulator have dealt with the aftermath of the scandal and how executives have been held to account for this. It cannot be swept under the carpet”.

“Does the trust really believe that such a trivial statement sweeping this serious matter will satisfy the public anger?”