NHS Confederation Comments on Today’s Monthly NHS Performance Figures

Commenting on the monthly NHS performance figures published by NHS England today, Stephen Dalton, Interim Chief Executive, NHS Confederation, said:

NHS Confederation

“The NHS is straining to deliver a high standard of care in the face of huge financial and demand pressures.

“These performance figures should be a trigger to accelerate efforts to transform care, rather than to heap more pressure on the NHS as a whole. Improving care and the performance of our NHS will only be delivered through local and inclusive health and care partnerships, including with the communities we serve.

“This is an urgent call to Government to quicken the pace and enable NHS and Local Authority leaders to work together to transform health and care services. The needs of people have changed and demand continues to outstrip resource. Unless we break the cycle, we will continue to see performance results that expose the problem, not offer any solutions.”


Source: NHS Confederation