NHS Inpatient Survey 2015 Results Show Significant Improvements in Key Care Areas but Discharge Processes Remain a Concern

Newly published results from the NHS Adult Inpatient Survey 2015 show that small but vital improvements have been made in key areas such as communication, involvement, and personal care. However, discharge planning and at-home support are lacking by comparison. In general, people’s experiences of care in hospital are markedly more positive than their feedback on the discharge process and at-home support.

Care Quality Commission

The survey of over 83,000 inpatients has revealed statistically significant improvements in a number of important questions designed to reflect the aspects of care that matter most to patients.

Improvements included:

  • 84% (up from 81% in 2014) reported that they were "always" treated with respect and dignity in hospital.
  • A growing majority said that they "always" had confidence and trust in doctors (82%; up from 80% in 2014) and nurses (79%; up from 78% in 2014).
  • 71% (up from 69% in 2014) said that when they had important questions for doctors or nurses they "always" got answers that they could understand.
  • 60% (up from 57%) said that they were "definitely" involved as much as they wanted to be in decisions about their care and treatment