The NHS Is Being Torn from Those Who Have Cherished It for Decades

The NHS is Britain’s most civilised accomplishment, yet our government is itching to convert it from a public service to a set of business opportunities.

'By confirming that Jeremy Hunt stays as health secretary, Theresa May has signalled that she endorses the imposition of the unfair, unsafe junior doctors contract, a seven-day unaffordable NHS and rock bottom morale.' Photograph: Joel Ford/Barcroft Images

The NHS has just turned 68. Despite austerity, political meddling, cuts, [dis]reorganisations, years of misuse, battering and bruising and Brexit it’s still here, though gasping for breath.

A combined financial and staffing crisis could cause ongoing chaos for years and ultimately kill off the NHS for good. We have been squeezing the lemon for "efficiency savings" for years. But it is getting to the stage where there is nothing left to squeeze.

The government has closed nearly 10,000 NHS beds and 16% of A&E wards. Debt is at an all-time high, soaring numbers of sick people are waiting on trolleys in A&E, and key targets for treating cancer patients are being woefully missed. In addition, social care services have suffered a