Brighton NHS Trust Special Measures Decision “comes as no surprise” to GMB

GMB says proper funding and quality leadership are only long-term treatment following Care Quality Commission (CQC) decision.

GMB - Brighton NHS Trust

GMB the union for NHS workers has called for proper funding and quality leadership as the only long-term treatment following a decision by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to place Brighton NHS Trust in special measures.

The union said that both the extra funding which might be made available and importantly the potential positive professional leadership which could be accessed by this decision could finally see a Trust, which for so long has had to suffer one incompetent appointment after another, get the sort assistance and leadership both patients and staff deserve.

Gary Palmer GMB Organiser: "No blame for Brighton NHS Trust being placed in special measures can be laid at the feet of the front line staff. In fact, their constant dedication and hard work in the face of poor leadership has enabled patients to get first class quality treatment and care on a regular basis.

The CQC decision comes as no surprise to GMB. Long-term damage had been done by unrealistic savings targets being set out by successive management teams unable to find innovative ideas for healthcare delivery or by failing to consult with the expertise that front line healthcare professional could potentially deliver on savings and improvements if asked.

We all know that the NHS has faced financial challenges for many years and Brighton and Sussex University Trust like others were told to find a series of efficiency savings. However efficiency savings are not something which can be repeatedly rolled out on a year in year on basis, especially if as the government has stated they wish to see a high quality and safe patient services for all.

Many reports on inadequate services in the NHS, including those from the Care Quality Commission, will rightly focus on a lack of leadership from the constantly turning NHS merry-go-round of poor Executives and Board members simply moving from trust to trust as being the major problem, and skip over the obvious overriding issues created in the first place from the lack of funding, as the root cause of the problems encountered."


Source: GMB