Social Worker, Dianne Beverley Taylor, Struck Off on Grounds of Misconduct and Dishonesty

Social worker Dianne Beverley Taylor has been struck off the HCPC Register on grounds of misconduct and dishonesty whilst employed within the Children’s Social Care Looked After Children’s Team at North Tyneside Council.

A panel of the HCPC Conduct and Competence Committee heard that Miss Taylor failed to progress the passport application of Child A which resulted with the passport not being available in time for Child A to go on holiday with their foster family.

The Panel further heard that concerns were raised by a family regarding the progression of an adoption application for Children B which Miss Taylor maintained she had submitted to the court when she had not.

Panel Chair Philip Geering commented:

“The Panel took the view that the factual findings in relation to the failure to progress the applications and dishonestly misleading service users and colleagues raises public safety concerns. Miss Taylor abused her position of trust, demonstrated a persistent lack of judgement and a complete disregard for the emotional wellbeing of service users and their families.”

The Panel concluded that the appropriate and proportionate order is a striking off order as Miss Taylor has disengaged for nearly two years, and has not offered the Panel any opportunity to exercise leniency.

The order imposed will apply from 26 July 2016 with an interim suspension order to cover the appeal period.

Dianne Beverley Taylor was neither present nor represented at the hearing.