eve – The new Bioprocess Platform Software

The platform software ready for big data and comprehensive management of bioprocesses

INFORS HT is a specialist for bioreactors, shaker incubators and bioprocess software
INFORS HT is a specialist for bioreactors, shaker incubators and bioprocess software

INFORS HT breaks new ground with a completely newly developed software solution for bioprocesses. The platform software eve encompasses the planning, implementation, control and evaluation of complex experiments. It is tailored for applications in shakers and bioreactors where researchers and developers generate large amounts of data with numerous experiments.

With eve, the utilization of bioprocess control software has been redesigned. The workflow integrates all of the experimental requirements, from project, experiment and batch planning to resource administration and analysis of the results. Handling was kept deliberately simple. “We have developed an almost revolutionary strategy tool. Every user can use the software to plan complex batch strategies without programming a single line” says Eric Abellan, Software Product Manager at INFORS HT. “In addition, it has never been easier to extract information from data. We use soft sensors that calculate new values from existing data in the experiment.” eve is able to accept large quantities of data through a central NoSQL elastic database. All bioprocess knowledge is stored as Experiments, Organisms, and Culture Media, for instance, structured as so-called libraries.

Beta-Tester Prof. Dr. Richard Biener from the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen is convinced by eve: ”My staff and I are very enthusiastic about eve®. The handling is easy and logical, which makes it quick to learn. The software allows for planning, control and documentation of bioprocesses in an easy and straightforward way. eve offers very appealing graphic evaluation possibilities and the option to integrate soft sensors.”

eve has a modular structure. The core software can be freely extended with additional packages. Users can create their own bioprocess platform from which they can plan, control, watch, evaluate and document their bioprocesses. The core software as well as the first package, “Plan & Control”, is now available. Additional packages with DoE and complete user management will follow shortly. After that, the platform will be continuously expanded with additional features and packages.

eve is available as a monthly subscription or as a one-time license from INFORS HT or through INFORS HT distribution partners.

For more information and ordering options, visit www.infors-ht.com/eve