The Key to Mental Health: the fastest way to remove stress, anxiety and depression symptoms

After the birth of her second beautiful child, Kelly Niven struggled to regain her mental health. This struggle was made even more debilitating by her staunch wish to not be dragged into the rabbit warren of the nation’s often-destructive mental health system.

The Key to Mental Health: the fastest way to remove stress, anxiety and depression symptoms

After making some easy and painful life changes, Niven came to realise that it’s more than possible to live with happiness and prosperity without succumbing to the drab four walls of a doctor or therapist’s clinic. In her new book, ‘The Key to Mental Health’, Niven explains how.

It’s a potentially life-changing read for anyone worried about their stress, anxiety and/or depression. In short, it’s a book that has the potential to regain the lives of millions from coast to coast.


For mental health sufferers who want to heal themselves without medical intervention. Straight-talking author, Kelly Niven, shares her own inspirational story and powerful tools to help you overcome stress, anxiety and depression. The key to mental health is about being true to yourself. Sometimes that means leaving someone you don’t love, sometimes it means leaving the one you do. The techniques will help you to follow your heart regardless of the challenges, difficulties or pain it causes. As a result you can be: – anxiety and depression free – stop wasting time living in hell – learn to relax and unwind with ease – start to wake excited about the day ahead. This is not a path chosen by many but those who have the courage to do so, never look back. If you would like to lead a more courageous life without limitations, attachments and compromise, this is the book for you.

“The book comes in two distinct parts,” explains Niven. “The first is something of an autobiography of my life, the onset of my mental health issues and the rollercoaster of triumph and defeat I went through to eventually emerge victorious. I won’t give too much away here, but will say it was a painful exercise of letting go of things in my life that didn’t work, as well as having to make some bold choices about people and things that did. In all, I came out the other side a very different person.”

Continuing, “The second part of the book morphs into a self-help-style guide for those looking to rid themselves of depression and anxiety – covering everything from a history of the mental health system all of the way down to challenging personal growth strategies that anyone can easily deploy. Every reader will turn the last page equipped and empowered to change their life for the better.”

Readers agree, leaving a string of positive reviews. For example, K. Perry comments, “In a modern day world with everything is evolving, so is self-help books – this book as helped mental health knowledge accessible to read. For me what makes this self-help book different to the others is the fresh ideas – which is easy to fit into my life without any stigmas. It is easy to read and understand, which helped me to understand myself and how I can change. This book reads to me as an individual – alternative perspective to treatment, that hasn’t been suggested to myself before and I didn’t know they existed. The Key to mental health is fun and entertaining throughout the book.”

Pearl Buck adds, “Kelly Niven takes us on a self-discovery journey to find the small ways to shift into feeling better. She helps us help ourselves to be more disciplined and aware of what devalues and demotivates us. Then she picks us up to begin anew. “The Key to Mental Health” is the perfect pick-me-up, permanently! it’ll brighten a stressful day, cast a new light on a problem and remind us why life, although casts shadows, is filled with light and rewards! Thank you Kelly for your honesty, valour and strength guiding us back into sanity.”

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