Podiatrist, Tombe Lumonamo, Struck Off for Inappropriate Behaviour Towards a Service User

Podiatrist Tombe Lumonamo has been suspended from the HCPC Register for a period of twelve months on grounds of misconduct whilst working at a practice on a self-employed basis.

HCPC - Health and Care Professions Council - Tombe Lumonamo

A panel of the HCPC Conduct and Competence Committee heard that Mr Lumonamo gave Person A, who was employed as a receptionist at the Practice, a foot massage and asked Person A to remove her trousers when there was no clinical reason for doing so.

The Panel further heard that Mr Lumonamo hugged Patient A and had stated words to the effect that Person A was a ‘gorgeous girl’ and that he wanted to be ‘special friends’.

The Panel heard oral evidence and considered witness statements from Person A and Witness 1 the owner of the Practice and found the allegations proved on the balance of probabilities.

Panel Chair Sarah Baalham commented:

“The Panel is of the view that Mr Lumonamo has demonstrated no real insight into his misconduct save for the generalised expressions of regret and remorse after the findings of fact were made. His problems are attitudinal and therefore difficult to remediate.”

The Panel concluded with a significant amount of remedial work, he has the potential to safely return to practice.

The Panel therefore directed that the name of Mr Tombe Lumonamo to be suspended from the HCPC Register for a period of twelve months from 21 September 2016.

Mr Tombe Limonamo was present and unrepresented at the hearing.