Biomedical scientist, Nicola Hewitt, struck off following review of conditions of practice order

Biomedical scientist Nicola Hewitt has been struck off the HCPC Register following a review of a 2015 conditions of practice order resulting from misconduct whilst employed by the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.

HCPC - Health and Care Professions Council - Nicola Hewitt

A panel of the HCPC Conduct and Competence Committee conducted a third review of a conditions of practice order first imposed for six months in March 2015 and reviewed and extended on 17 September 2015. Miss Hewitt was originally placed on a conditions of practice order for multiple errors including approving an erroneous result which led to a patient being admitted for a blood transfusion.

Panel Chair Judith Walker commented:

“The Panel carefully reviewed the history of the case and noted that Miss Hewitt has been given opportunities over a period of approximately 18 months to demonstrate that she has the required level of insight and that she is remedying the deficiencies in her practice. The position today is that she is not engaging in the process.”

The Panel concluded to strike the name of Miss Nicola Hewitt from the HCPC in order to protect the public and maintain public confidence in the profession and the regulatory process.

Miss Hewitt was neither present nor represented at the hearing.