Operating Department Practitioner, John Barron, Struck Off on Grounds of Misconduct

John Barron (ODP18793) has been struck off the HCPC Register on the grounds of misconduct whilst employed as an operating department practitioner by Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

HCPTS - Health and Care Professions Council - John Barron

A HCPTS panel heard that Mr Barron administered an incorrect dosage of morphine to Patient A, a 14 year old girl, with Naloxone administered to reverse the effect of the drug.

The Panel further heard that Patient B complained about Mr Barron after he administered morphine and then did not carry out and / or record a number of vital signs at regular intervals.

Panel Chair William Nelson commented:

“Members of the public would be dismayed if there were no finding of current impairment to mark disapproval of Mr Barron’s misconduct. He failed to properly observe and record his findings of patients before and after the administration of Morphine, thereby placing patients at risk of harm and jeopardising their future care.”

The Panel ordered for the name of John Barron to be struck off the HCPC Register.

Mr Barron was neither present nor represented until after the decisions of the Panel on the facts, grounds and current impairment.