NHS Employers Launches Sustainable Health and Care Campaign with Sustainable Development Unit

NHS Employers is at the helm of a new campaign to boost awareness of sustainability work and support action that brings health, financial, environmental and social benefits to the NHS, public health and social care.

NHS Employers Launches Sustainable Health and Care Campaign with Sustainable Development Unit

The new sustainable health and care campaign will feature a variety of engagement activities including an awards programme and a national conference and exhibition. It will be delivered by NHS Employers and supported by the Sustainable Development Unit for NHS England and Public Health England (SDU).

It offers an opportunity for health and social care organisations to work together to share effective sustainable practice and behaviours, such as low pollution travel, and supporting communities with jobs and volunteering. The campaign will include an online resource centre, featuring a range of materials to support activity at a local level.

Throughout 2018, the campaign will feature activities such as:

  • Sustainability Week, from Monday 25 June to Friday 29 June
  • Sustainable Health and Care Awards with an awards ceremony in the autumn
  • A Sustainable Health and Care conference and exhibition in the autumn
  • Five free regional events across the year starting in the spring

The Sustainable Health and Care campaign will build on the great work already being done by the NHS and other health and care organisations over the last few years.

For example, over the last nine years, work across the health system on entrenching sustainability has saved almost £2 billion for frontline care, from areas like energy, waste and water efficiency, as well as saving more than 3.6 million tonnes of carbon emissions.
Danny Mortimer, chief executive of NHS Employers and deputy chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said:

“We want the NHS to thrive for another 70 years, and in order for that to happen, sustainability is more important than ever. We will strive to make sure this partnership is a success, and that we can contribute to greener, more sustainable health and care services, providing the excellent care that patients deserve for generations to come.”

David Pencheon, director of the SDU, added:

“We’re very excited about this new campaign and partnership. It’s a hugely important opportunity to recognise the great work already being done by organisations across the NHS, health and social care system – and support further action. The campaign will play an important role in helping to promote and embed sustainability as an aspect of quality in socially, economically and environmentally accountable health and care systems.”

NHS Employers will partner with the SDU, working with a steering group of representatives from various health sector organisations. The initiative is backed by the Cross System Group for Sustainable Health and Care (CSG), made up of 28 national organisations across the health sector and related fields, including Public Health England, NHS England, NHS Improvement, UK Health Alliance on Climate Change and NHS Digital.

As part of the Sustainable Health and Care campaign, NHS Employers would like organisations to join its user reference group and to sign up to its sustainability and development news bulletin.

The user reference group will aim to support campaign development and help evaluate its success.  Contact sustainability@nhsemployers.org to register your interest.

For more information, visit www.sustainablehealthandcare.org or www.nhsemployers.org/campaigns/sustainablehealthandcarecampaign


Source: NHS Employers