Social Worker, Annia Katarina Elsesser, Struck Off Following Substantive Review

Social worker Annia Katarina Elsesser (SW76490) has been struck off the HCPC Register following a second substantive review of a conditions of practice order originally imposed on 16 June 2016.

HCPTS - Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service - Annia Katarina Elsesser

A panel of the HCPTS heard that Ms Elsesser was originally placed on a conditions of practice order for twelve months on the grounds of misconduct whilst employed by the London Borough of Islington.

The Panel further heard that Ms Elsesser’s failings included making an inappropriate comment to an employee of Bremerton Estate Office, stating “No wonder England is at the bottom of the heap, as no one wants to work” or words to that effect. She also gave unauthorised access to confidential information to a third party.

Panel Chair Rachel Cook commented:

“In these circumstances the Panel concluded that there remains a risk of repetition of Ms Elsesser’s misconduct. Public confidence in the profession and the declaring of proper standards of conduct and performance demanded a finding of current impairment.”

The Panel ordered for the name of Annia Katarina Elsesser to be struck off the HCPC Register.

Ms Elsesser was neither present nor represented at the hearing.