Social Worker, Roger St Elmo Cumberbatch, Struck Off on Grounds of Misconduct

Mr Roger St Elmo Cumberbatch (SW21298) has been struck off the HCPC Register on the grounds of misconduct whilst employed as a social worker at Southwark Council.

HCPTS - Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service - Roger St Elmo Cumberbatch

A panel of the HCPTS heard that whilst working within Southwark Council’s Children with Disabilities Team, concerns were raised about Mr Cumberbatch’s work towards the end of 2014.

Following a period of support, including formal and informal supervision and guidance meetings at which his performance was discussed, an investigation was carried out.

The Panel were satisfied that Mr Cumberbatch’s failings from December 2013 to August 2015 in respect of 16 service users, who were all vulnerable children, amounted to misconduct.

Panel Chair, Mrs Marian Killen, commented:

“Roger St Elmo Cumberbatch’s fitness to practise remains impaired at the current time by reason of his misconduct. The nature of the misconduct needed active remediation by Mr Cumberbatch before he would be safe to return to unrestricted practice, but he has not demonstrated any intention to address his proven failings.”

The Panel ordered for the name of Roger St Elmo Cumberbatch to be struck off the HCPC Register.

Roger St Elmo Cumberbatch was neither present nor represented at the hearing.