Chiropodist Struck Off Following Sixth Review Hearing

Chiropodist Amin M Sain has been struck off the HCPC Register following a sixth review of a conditions of practice order imposed in February 2009. This latest review follows a hearing in July 2015 which imposed a further conditions of practice order for a period of six months.

HCPC - Health and Care Professions Council

Mr Sain was originally suspended on grounds of misconduct after practicing the treatment of minimal invasive surgery without the full underpinning surgical knowledge necessary to perform this type of surgery safely, therefore acting beyond his scope of practice. A panel of the HCPC Conduct and Competence Committee conducted a sixth review of a conditions of practice order imposed for three years on 26 February 2009. It follows two periods of suspension and three further conditions of practice orders.

The Panel heard that Mr Sain has not engaged with the HCPC since January 2015. In the absence of any evidence produced for this review, the Panel concluded that his fitness to practise remains impaired.

Panel Chair Manuela Grayson commented: