Operating Department Practitioner, Jamie S Broadbent, Suspended on Grounds of Conviction

Jamie S Broadbent has been suspended from the HCPC Register for a period of twelve months on the grounds of conviction whilst employed as an operating department practitioner at North Tees Hospital.

HCPC - Health and Care Professions Council - Jamie S Broadbent

A panel of the HCPC Conduct and Competence Committee heard that Mr Broadbent was convicted at Teeside Magistrates Court of having possession of a quantity of cocaine; and of stealing midazolam, diazepam, ketamine and associated medical equipment belonging to North Tees Hospital.

The Panel further heard Mr Broadbent was arrested after his locker was searched and the quantity of cocaine found. A search of his home found empty drug ampoules which had been taken from the hospital and originally contained the stolen drugs.

Panel Chair Deborah Fowler commented:

“There currently appears to be a low risk of repetition, but the serious risk posed by his behaviour, both to patients and to other members of the public who could have gained access to the drugs he had removed, is serious. As well as stealing from his employer, Mr Broadbent was also in possession of a Class A controlled drug and has admitted an offence of dishonesty, which was a serious breach of trust, as the sentencing Judge made clear.”

The Panel directed for the name of Jamie S Broadbent to be suspended from the HCPC Register for a period of twelve months.

Mr Broadbent was neither present nor represented at the hearing.