A New Non-profit Organisation “Association Josiane Salone, a united front against COPD”

“Josiane Salone, united against COPD”, founded in 2018, is a network for exchanging and sharing information.

Josiane Salone, united against COPD, founded in 2018, is a network for exchanging and sharing information.

Its aim is to stop patients from being left alone with their feelings of guilt faced with this stealthy, degenerative disease.

COPD is an acronym for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

This degenerative pulmonary disease claims 210 million victims worldwide and the tally has been increasing constantly for the last 20 years.

The new affliction mainly affects women, particularly the so-called “baby-boom” generation, tragic victims of a time bomb, for the habit of smoking was once simply considered pleasurable, indeed fashionable, and carried no stigma. Because the n°1 cause of COPD is tobacco.

COPD is a stealthy disease that develops slowly and makes its home in its victims without causing apparent symptoms.

COPD is doubly stealthy, because not only patients but even doctors know little about it. Still holding many secrets, COPD escapes diagnosis.

“Josiane Salone, united against COPD”, founded in 2018, the organisation is not just a portal offering information. It is also, above all, a network via which millions of people affected by COPD can find an alternative to the isolation resulting from the sanctimonious and stigmatising way in which they are commonly portrayed.

Though the non-profit organisation founded by Eric Salone is named after his mother, a COPD victim in 2016, its aim is not to contemplate suffering but to provide a platform for generous commitment to exchange, sharing and solidarity.


Source: Association Josiane Salone